Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And Then There is The Print!

To me, it is not enough to just see the shot on the screen, I want to see it n print.  Here are ten tips from my Twitter blog.  I hope to expand on them in the coming weeks.

Post Proc Tip#1:Go w/ your gut. Start w/ a basic workflow, but ultimately, what makes a good shot great is how you finish it.

Post Proc Tip#2: Learn how to use curves. I start with a classic S-curve and then work on fine tuning it with the rest of what I am doing.

Post Proc Tip#3: Sharpening should be the last step before printing. It should be adjusted for any size changes, and last but not least don't over-sharpen!

Post Proc Tip#4: All digital photos need sharpening. for global sharpening, High pass filter works well. See Scott Kelby 's Photoshop books for Digital Photography

Post Proc Tip#5: Subscribe to JP Caponigro's site at . Lots of great Post Processing content

Post Proc Tip#6: Use lens correction from your post processing software on WA shots and panoramas if it looks fisheye & you don't want it.

Post Proc Tip#7: When doing B&W from digital, always shoot in color. Post-processing programs create better B&W images from color masters.

Post Proc Tip#8: Always work on a copy! Protect the original file! As your skills improve, you may want to render a different version.

Post Proc Tip#9: Always use RAW if your camera has it - I adjust the White balance first. Whites and Blacks should be clear, then mid tones.  OK, last tip was not clear. I adjust the White Balance first and then the White and Black points. I usually don't have to set the mid tones.

Post Process Tip#10:Backup your photos. I make 3 copies of everything. 1-Working drive 2-Duplicate Drive&3-Off-site Duplicate once monthly.

Bonus Tip: When I seek Post Processing info, I am reading Scott Kelby or JP Caponigro . Both are exceptional in their advice & both are on Twitter.
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