Saturday, January 1, 2011

Its a New Year and...

...I am resurrecting this Blog.  It has been a year of smashed dreams and new hopes for me.  I was just unable to write much of everything.  Well, the year is new. Hope springs abundantly and I have learned so much about the craft, art and mechanics of photography.  So I want to share some of what I have learned with anyone who will read here.  Below is some of what I will share.

Flashes are fun!  I have 4 flashes now.  Two Nikon SB700s and two Nissin Di866 (these puppies are really powerful!)  I will be exploring the use of flash in Macro and Outdoor settings and sharing what I have learned.  I am also using them in studio situations.  Even more fun.

Old lenses can be great lenses.  I was forced - for financial reasons - to sell my Nikon 70-200 AF-S VR lens and "downgrade" to the older 80-200 AF lens.  I have discovered that this lens has not hamstrung me at all.  I will share this adventure.  I also have a 50mm AF f/1.4 lens that I am in love with as well.

Does film have a place in the digital world?  The obvious answer is yes, but what does this mean?  I have shot some interesting images on film as of late.  The cool thing is that I can still edit them digitally.  I will share this as well.

Sound interesting?  Can I address anything else you would like to talk about?  Let me know.  I will do just that! 

Best to you all!

Roger Mallory

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