Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Welcome to my little Blog!

Over the last few months, I have been posting a number of lists about photography on Twitter.  The response has been quite good and it is now time to expand on some of those topics.  Sooooo... in the spirit of my Top Ten list thing, here are the Top Ten Reasons for this Blog.

10. Photography is fun and I don't want people to lose out!
9.   Photography is easier than one thinks. Sure there are hard things for those who want to do them, but a lot of photography is quite easy.
8.  I try to keep it short. I have seen a lot of books and blogs on photography that could have been contained in a few paragraphs.  I will try not to pad things.
7.  It is very apparent that people new to photography - let alone the not so new - would benefit from brief and to the point help given here,
6.  I like to write and this is a chance to keep those skills alive while sharing worthwhile things
5.  I like to share my knowledge
4.  I like to Learn, so I hope you will share with me your hints, tips and all things photo-wise
3.  I try to limit platitudes and things that are commonly known.

2.  Everything here has been tested by me or someone that I know and trust!
1.  I want to encourage photographers to constantly grow in knowledge as a way or enhancing their talent!

Folks, this is all about taking pictures, it is not about being gear-heads, nor is it about becoming headcases... it is about getting you out where your creativity can take over; where equipment and knowledge are assets and not hindrances to your picture taking!  Taking pictures is what it it all about!

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